Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dali Speakers

Okay, too many same question have been raised... what should I get if I have a budget range between Mordaunt Short Mezzo Series and Proac Studio Series? I have the answer for you ... that's DALI Ikon Series.

Coming to our showroom is the 7.1 range of DALI (Danish speaker manufacturer) IKON Series.

The ideal front speakers will be the Ikon 6.

dali ikon 6.jpg

Ikon 6 comes with two 6.5" bass drivers housed in a diecast aluminum chassis crafted to provide free airflow from the backside of the cone and to minimize energy loss and compression within the drivers. Each long throw bass driver has an 80mm main magnet and a 70mm reverse-polarized magnet. This is to prevent distortion by establishing a stable magnetic flux density in the voice-coil gap, and to reduce stray magnetic fields. The bass driver cones are a mixture of paper and wood fibers constructed in a random patern in order to minimize resonances.

The unique design on Ikon 6 is the hybrid tweeter that has been trickled down from DALI's more expensive Euphonia and Helicon series. The tweeter module includes a cloth-dome unit that runs from 3kHz to beyond 20kHz, as well as DALI's famous ribbon that handles the range from 14kHz to beyond 30kHz. Both tweeters have been designed for wide horizontal dispersion and it's ideal for most listening direction.

Ikon 6 is naturally good for Home Cinema as well as Stereo Listening.

The Center coming to store is Vokal 2 Center.

ikon vokal 2.jpg

Vokal 2 is built with reference to the other Ikon series with its unique ribbon tweeter and 2 bass drivers. It's dynamic when delivery dialogue from the movies to the listener.


Next comes the Ikon surround speakers, the Ikon 2 bookshelf speakers. Usually being used together with Stereo System. If you have the space for a pair of stands, Ikon 2 is a great surround speakers to go for. Occasionally, you can move it to the front for your stereo needs which will definately give you a different taste from your stereo system.

Finally, if you plan to setup a 7.1 system for your home, you may consider the Ikon On Wall series. The Ikon on wall series provides you with a fast and easy way of mounting surround or surround back speakers on the side or rear wall. Although performance won't be as great as the Ikon 2 bookshelf, it gives the user the flexibilty in setting up a 7.1 environment without having to place additional speaker stands on the side or rear which can be unnecessary

ikon on wall.jpg

obstacle in your home.

Although it seems easy to mount the speaker on the wall anywhere you want, it is always a good idea to speak to our sound system consultant before you start drilling holes on your wall. Placement of on wall speakers are crucial to your 7.1 setup. Sitting position, room acoustic, possible reflection points and other factors in the room will cause your on wall speakers to sound different when not being place at the right position.

To fully utilize and unleash the performance of the DALI Ikon series, you will need at least Denon AVR 4310 for best performance. Although you can live with Denon AVR3808a, I will not recommend you saving just a couple of K which will eventually sacrifice your Sound Quality.

Call to schedule for an audition now at 017-808-9020 Mr. Tan.